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The Group operates fresh and chilled fish products exported from Hong Kong and Macao have been more than 50 years, with exports of live freshwater fish fleet professionals, the fleet as well as the export terminal and other facilities, with a professional marketing staff. Safety and high quality products favored by consumers, the Hong Kong market, export sales accounted for about 30%, accounting for sales of Macau about 70% market share of the market.

Of the Group's export of frozen aquatic products, the main varieties of the "Bao Ping" brand frozen tilapia frozen tilapia and films, such as frozen fish Cirrhinus. The export of canned products, the main varieties of "Bao He" brand Douchi and fresh fried dace dace, Fushou canned fish and other aquatic products. Products export to the United States, the European Union and South America and other countries and regions. Group

"Baoping" grass carp, mud carp and bighead carp fish films are "green" certification, "Bao-Ping" brand of grass carp, mud carp fish films, bighead carp, tilapia and film " Bao He "brand of canned fish products are awarded the title of famous brand products in Guangdong Province. Quality products can be traced back the establishment of systems to ensure product quality and safety.

Aquatic Products Contact Dept.:
Pond Fish Dept. Tel:86-760-8312721 Fax:86-760-8330072

Aquatic products processing business:
Frozen aquatic products processing:Xinxing Aquatic Products Factory Tel:86-760-2103248 Fax:86-760-2102087
Canned products:Baoli Foodstuff Co.,Ltd. Tel:86-760-2601899 Fax:86-760-2634828