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Balanced Breeding Method

Zhongshan Shuichu Group has created its original “balanced breeding method” through combining its over 50 years of professional breeding experience and modern science and technology.

Balanced Breeding Method

★Lay a solid foundation—As a good source, select healthy fish fry and introduce high-quality water as the breeding water base;
★Ensure water quality balance—In the breeding process, conduct real-time monitoring of changes in water quality and regulate the acid-alkali balance;
★Ensure growth balance—Mainly apply oak grass feeding and conduct scientific feed ratio and regular quantitative feeding to balance the nutrition for fish;
★Safety first—Conduct full automatic monitoring of the breeding process and apply biotechnology for disease prevention and control and zero residue of pesticide;
★Strict control—The products are in compliance with export hygiene standards due to the multi-level inspections according to export standards;
★Fresh quality—The products are delivered to you in a fresh state everyday in specially designed oxygen-rich transport vehicles.



“Traceable System”

“Baoping Fish” breeding farm, registered at the State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, is for breeding edible aquatic animals to be exported to Hong Kong and Macao. Full quality monitoring is conducted for the whole process from fish fry breeding to sales and a traceable system has been established for safe and reliable production and sales.

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