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Outlets for Exclusive Sales


Shiqi: Zhuyuan Market; Houxing Market; Dongsheng Market; Kaiyin Market; Kuchong Market

Nanxia Market; Cuijing Market; Yanling Market; Guangming Market; Minzudong Market; Qiwan Market; Yanzhou Market; Zhangxi Market

Huabai Market

Xiaolan: Dongmiao Market; Shengping Market; Beiqu Market, Xinshi Market; Xiaji Market

Wentian Market;

Guzhen: Gusi Market

Tanzhou: Tanzhou Market

Guangzhou: Haizhu Market; Dongchuan Market; Wushan Market

Foshan: Global Aquatic Product Wholesale Market (Nanhai District)

On sale in various meat and vegetable markets and supermarkets in Hong Kong and Macao

Franchise and Wholesale Hotline:
Guangzhou Area: Guangzhou Yixian Company 86-20-39282068
Zhongshan Area: Baoping Marketing Center 86-760-88236212

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